Post-treatments of your bending work

Complete finishing

Post-treatment? We will handle this for you as well, in our own workshop. We will cut your profiles, beams or cylinders to perfect size and weld them together into one carefully finished construction. Not a single detail will escape our eye. We will sand away every imperfection meticulously until your profile will look as smooth as silk.

Inner and exterior finish

Would you like us to create drain holes in your profile? No problem. We can drill the tiniest and largest holes. Handles, grips or hinges? We can attach all fixtures based on your assembly drawings.

Finishing touch

Do you anodise your profiles or do you want us to provide the coating? BestBend works together with certified partners. All our painters have the Qualicoat certificate, which guarantees quality. In order to prevent damage, we carefully package your profiles. In terms of transport, we use transport companies that know how to load, secure and unload metal profiles.

Would you like to fully finish your profiles?  Ask for our post-treatment.  Go to ProfiCal and calculate the additional costs.

Want to know more about your options?

Want to know more about your options?

We'll be glad to tell you more about them.

Get in touch, and we can schedule an appointment together. During our meeting, we will be happy to discuss your newest challenge, and we will explain you how we at BestBend can turn your project into success!

Our bending is applied

in a variety of industries

Personal advice?

Personal advice?