Bending work for Construction

From small building projects to the world's most admirable construction projects: the realizations of BestBend can be admired all over the world in a large variety of prestigious projects. 

Each time BestBend was addressed when it came to bending façade profiles, corner profiles, window profiles or other curved structures.  These round beams and curved profiles eventually find their way to a construction project at home and abroad.  So you can see what BestBend is capable of all the way to Doha.  But also closer to home, on the Belgian coast, in the Netherlands or in Paris, building projects can be found for which BestBend was approached for bending the profiles.

The fact that both smaller and international construction companies find their way to BestBend, is no coincidence.  With over 40 years of experience, we have built an excellent reputation when it comes to bending work for the construction industry.  There's no challenge that we can resist.  And we think along with the customer: from concept to execution, including post-treatment and transportation.

Check it out on a world tour and explore our projects for the construction industry.  Click on the name of our projects and you will be amazed by our bending capabilities for the construction industry!


Discover which projects we could already execute

For the construction industry

  • Renovation Project Torenzicht

    New apartment complex with retention of old church tower

    Renovation Project Torenzicht

  • Danzigerkade Amsterdam

    New construction projects along the water

    Danzigerkade Amsterdam

  • Hudson’s Bay

    3D Bended facade profiles

    Hudson’s Bay

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Want to know more about your options?

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Personal advice?