Know-how on bending technology

Bending is a skill; one which we enjoy

Your constructions are handled by true craftsmen; seasoned and with extensive experience. Our employees receive constant extra training, which is how we always manage to bring even the biggest challenges to a good end.

Our experience. Our know-how. Your profit.

BestBend has been bending your profiles for dozens of years. We use every new project to even further expand our technical knowledge. All this know-how is employed fully for your entire project as we guide you from start to finish. If you only have an idea, then we will draw up a full plan together, develop it into a concept and will translate it into a creation that wins you the heart and loyalty of your customers.

BestBend provides experience and know-how; a combination that is worth its weight in gold for you and your customers. Call or mail us. We will provide you with answers quickly.



BestBend is part of the Aluro Group. The group has been continuously active in the metal industry since 1969. We have been accumulating experience for over forty years; experience we are glad to share with you. We started with windows and doors, but are now applying our knowledge to the most wide-ranging industries; from interior decorating to transport and industry.


All companies in the group use each other's expertise and apply it to your advantage. As does BestBend. We advise you during the design phase, perform your bending assignments according the strictest standards and finish it to perfection. This way, we provide you with the quality you demand of your products as well.


The activities within the Aluro Group are complimentary. Our subsidiaries also assist you with their knowledge:

  • Aluro CNC: lathing and milling
  • Aluro: manufacture of machines for the insulation of aluminium profiles
  • RoboJob: user-friendly and flexible solutions to load and unload CNC machines

Forty years' bending experience is at your service. Feel free to contact us. 
We will no doubt have an answer to your question.

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Personal advice?

Personal advice?