BestBend certificates and quality

The curved aluminium profiles provided by BestBend are of the highest quality. This is not only evident from our many satisfied customers, a number of whom have been working with BestBend for more than twenty years. It is also clear from our certificates and the branch organisations of which we are a member. You can be sure that a curved BestBend aluminium profile offers you quality.

Few complaints, a lot of appreciation

That our qualified employees provide high-quality bending is clear from the fact that our customers are very satisfied and that we rarely receive complaints. To give you an impression: we received less than thirty complaints last year, of which only a few proved to be founded. Our employees take great pride in delivering the best results. No profile leaves our site without a thorough quality check. 

Technical requirements STS 52.2

BestBend also meets the requirements of the STS 52.2, for example, the technical specifications laid down by the Scientific and Technical Centre for the Construction Industry. These requirements have been drawn up specifically for aluminium window frames and indicate precisely how to bend and what tolerances there are. You can be sure that your curved aluminium window frame meets the most stringent requirements.

FAC Partner

BestBend is an official member of the Belgian Federation of Aluminium Manufacturers. Our partnership is a great recommendation for (façade) builders who thanks to our membership know that our curved aluminium profiles are of the highest quality and that we approach each project with the necessary expertise. 

VMRG Partner

BestBend is also a VMRG partner, the branch organisation of façade builders in the Netherlands. This organisation only accepts partners whose products meet high quality standards. A lot of companies to whom we supply our profiles are also members of the VMRG.

DTBA Member

BestBend is also a member of the Dutch Tube Bending Association in the Netherlands. This organisation represents the interests of its members and aims to promote technological developments in the sector.


Do you want to learn more?

Do you want to know more about the quality delivered by BestBend? Contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about our curved aluminium profiles and how they fit in your building, exhibition booth, street furniture or renovation project.

Want to know more about your options?

Want to know more about your options?

We'll be glad to tell you more about them.

Get in touch, and we can schedule an appointment together. During our meeting, we will be happy to discuss your newest challenge, and we will explain you how we at BestBend can turn your project into success!

Personal advice?

Personal advice?